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Melissa Whitaker, CRNP, RN

Integrative Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner


Bachelor's of Science 1994 - University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Bachelor's of Science 2003- University of Maryland at Baltimore

Master's of Science 2011 - University of Maryland at Baltimore

I am a former science teacher and national athlete who struggled with chronic injuries and poor sleep for years until I learned to help myself and others through functional medicine.  I created Whitaker Wellness in order to bring a functional, holistic approach to treating patients that would still be affordable. 

Functional medicine, also known as integrative medicine, is growing in popularity because it is so effective in addressing health concerns of patients in a meaningful way.  However, often the cost of functional medicine is out of reach for many patients, since an initial assessment alone can cost upwards of $400 at many practices, and is typically not covered by insurance.


As a former hospice provider, I am also passionate about treating pain in a safe, natural way.  Pain is complex and has multiple causes.  Medications tend to mask pain, but again they do not get to the root cause of pain, and some medications are quite addictive and have undesirable side effects.  Therefore medications alone are not a good long term solution.  Trigger point injections, supplements and sometimes the use of medical cannabis are all safe, proven modalities to help address chronic and acute pain in all areas of the body.  

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