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Our bodies are elegantly designed to heal on their own, given the correct tools. 


Functional integrative medicine is a powerful, emerging field of medicine based on addressing the root causes of disease.  


Whitaker Wellness seeks to restore balance in the body by addressing deficiencies, toxicities, and chronic latent infection.  

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Concierge/ Telemedicine Cannabis Certification

If you are 21 years of age or older and have a chronic, severe condition such as pain, weight loss, nausea, spasms, seizures, PTSD, depression, anxiety or other condition which has not responded to conventional treatments, you qualify for medical cannabis in Maryland.  You must first obtain a patient ID number at by registering.   

For your convenience, I can certify you at your home for no additional cost (in the Baltimore/Annapolis area).  

Initial Certification: $200

Recertification: $135

Melissa Whitaker NP
Functional Integrative Medicine Consults 


A functional medicine approach helps patients reduce synthetic medication use and creates vibrant health through restoring balance to the body. Treatable conditions include chronic viral infections, hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue, diabetes, obesity, & many more. We can formulate an individualized plan together to help optimize your health goals.

Initial Visit: $300

Follow Up: $ 200

weight loss B12 shot
B12 & Lipovite Injections

Vitamin B12 injections can improve energy levels, mood, sleep, immune system, nervous system, and GI function. 

Vitamin B12 is critical to maintaining healthy body weight. Today we are more deficient in B12 and other key vitamins more than ever because our food is not nutrient dense.

Methylcobalamin B12: $25/each or $100/5 injections

Lipovite B Complex: $35/each or $125/5 injections

plant medicine pain shots
Trigger Point Injections with Plant Derivative

Trigger points are discrete knots or stiff, ropey areas of muscle that are acutely or chronically painful.

Trigger point injections provide excellent relief in a variety of areas, such as the neck, upper back, low back, extremities (plantar fasciitis or trigger finger), and headaches or migraines.

Initial Visit: $100

Follow Up: $85

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